Welcome to my website featuring a portfolio of some of my songs! I am a non-performing songwriter and member of BMI. I consider myself a blueprint type of songwriter. While I am the architect of the song and basic melody, I know that producers and artists will build upon its foundation to give it strength and structure. Because I write in a variety of different genres, I have included several song samples in their basic form with descriptions and lyrics.

My primary audience is music publishers, record companies, record producers, managers, and artists looking for original song material. I am also interested in collaborating with other songwriters as well. Please find my contact page or Facebook page if you are interested in recording one of my songs.

UPDATE 2015:

I am an ORIGINAL songwriter. I am happy to say that I am back to writing songs for the true inspiration of writing songs instead of concentrating on how people perceive my songs or their opinion of my ability to write them.

While I am capable of writing songs about partying, drinking beer, and trucks because they are commercially appealing, they don’t personally appeal to me. I feel songs about beer and trucks, no matter how they keep being rearranged with slightly different melodies, are STILL songs about beer and trucks. They are terribly overdone and I’m always surprised to learn that it is often a team of songwriters composing these songs. REALLY????

While many of my songs are personal and come from my life experiences, I also like to step outside the box and see things from another’s perspective. Many people have misconstrued the meaning of my songs and have judged me falsely. Like art and poetry, songs are subjective and people interpret them differently. Some people like conformity, but I am an advocate of free-thinking and originality.

I like to focus on the emotional feel of a song. Lyrics are definitely my strength and I strive to create a sense of imagery and poetry with my words.

If my songs never get published or recorded, I still have satisfaction in the fact that I have gained personal achievement through my endeavors.

“Success is not measured by what you do compared to what others do, it is measured by what you do with the ability God gave you” –Zig Ziglar