Save Me with demo vocalist

by Ruth Buettner

Feature Song: Save Me 

Backstory: I wrote the song, Save Me, as a Rihanna or Adele type of dark ballad. The vocalist on this demo is from StudioPros and was produced by Robb Hutzal. Although we decided to keep it an acoustic ballad, I originally intended the chorus to be delivered as an uptempo arrangement similar to DJ Snake’s Let Me Love You featuring Justin Bieber. I think it works either way.

Save Me is a story about someone who desperately tries to repress all the regrets of the past. She wants someone to save her from thinking about all she missed in life and all the unhappiness of where she is now. Some of the random factors that entered into composing the lyrics:

  • Who doesn’t have regrets about their past? A missed opportunity or soul mate, wrong career choice, bad decision, etc.

  • Who doesn’t love musicians? Music has played such an important role in my life so I’ve always admired composers and singers.

  • Being the perpetual “good girl,” I guess I fit the cliché of being attracted to that “bad boy” image. Thus, the opening line…